As we’ve closed in on our first sober year together, Jenny asked if I would be willing to write something sharing my perspective on the past 12 months. Looking back, I’ve learned much more than I expected about my own relationship with alcohol, my relationship with others, and about myself. I’m generally not one to… Continue reading IZAAK TALKS ABOUT HIS FIRST YEAR OF SOBRIETY

Day 353

This is my first birthday in probably 30 years that I didn’t drink. So what did I do all day yesterday? Moped around, crying, and wasting away my birthday because I wasn’t doing anything fun. I’m 46 and run an adventure business, and I couldn’t figure out anything fun to do? There have been times… Continue reading Day 353

Day 326

I didn’t think about what getting sober would do to my relationship with Iz. I just assumed it would get better, so when it got tense and rocky over the last couple months, I wasn’t prepared and had no idea how to deal with it. Our relationship started 7 years ago with us both fresh… Continue reading Day 326