Making Lemonade or Curd

The lemons are dropping from our tree. It makes me sad to think we won’t have lemons available soon. I’ve been trying to think of ways to save them for the coming summer. Making lemonade concentrate to freeze, freezing fresh squeezed in ice cube trays, lemon preserves (haven’t actually made yet), and other lemony good… Continue reading Making Lemonade or Curd

Chickpea Salad

This little simple salad is pretty much rocking my world right now. It’s incredibly easy but also incredibly versatile. The possibilities of what I can do to this thing are endless! Chickpea Salad 1 can chickpeas (drained and rinsed) 1 clove garlic (microplane or crush and chop) 1 lemon juiced 2 Tbsp chopped Thai basil… Continue reading Chickpea Salad

#22 Sauerkraut is cooking or soaking or whatever it’s doing

Started #22 on the list! It feels good to start knocking some of that 101 in 1001 list out! I am loving that this list is forcing me to set goals. Real goals, put on the calendar, making them happen. I know I have only done two, but hey, I have already done two! It… Continue reading #22 Sauerkraut is cooking or soaking or whatever it’s doing

#82 Make pretzels from scratch

  You may remember this list thing I started back in (oh, shit!) November. Crap, I just realized I let almost two months go by without doing anything on it. In my defense, I did do a big cross country move in that time. Now on to #82 on the list. I did this!  My… Continue reading #82 Make pretzels from scratch

Let’s talk about bacon

I like bacon. I know you do too. I know vegetarians who say they never eat anything with a face, except bacon. What is it about bacon that makes us swoon so much? Why do we abandon all morals as soon as that greasy little ribbony strip of meat shows up on our plate? I was… Continue reading Let’s talk about bacon