Day 38

Tastes I expected some shift to happen with my tastebuds. I thought I would experience brighter and stronger flavors once I stopped drinking. I didn’t expect to hate meat. Not all meat is sending me over the edge. Perhaps not all meat is created equal, which is true, but I so far can’t stomach chorizo,… Continue reading Day 38

Day 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

The visitor calendar is filling up. The last several days were spent with my mom, aunt, and cousin. It was a wonderful visit with a lot of laughs, good conversations late into the night, and some new experiences. I worried that being open about not drinking for a year might make people less inclined to visit.… Continue reading Day 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

One of those days…when awesome stuff happened!

The reason for the busy, none updating, week (or weeks?) was because of this thing. I landed a freelance gig with Phoenix New Times! I’ll be their dessert blogger! I am super stoked about this opportunity. What a great way to learn my way around a new city. Really, the best possible way through eating. This… Continue reading One of those days…when awesome stuff happened!

More about Phoenix

This place is going to keep us very very busy. We have a lease on a house that both of us love*. A pool, beautiful kitchen, outdoor living. When the subject of Phoenix was presented to us we both knew that we wanted outdoor space and room for friends to visit. After spending this weekend here,… Continue reading More about Phoenix

Exploring Arizona

Today I explored a city. No maps or phones. Getting lost intentionally. It was wonderful. I ended up finding familiar locations even though I have only been here once before. I went to breakfast with my boyfriends ex-wife (don’t worry, it was really lovely). I went for a hike to the view you see. You can… Continue reading Exploring Arizona