Good food = Good day

 Today was one of those perfect food days. Perfect breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese english muffin.   Tuesday is photo shoot day for stock photography, and I worked on Valentine’s cookies today. Alton Brown has totally nailed the perfect sugar cookie recipe.   Lunch was this wonderful Brussels sprout grilled cheese which was came from… Continue reading Good food = Good day

Let’s talk about bacon

I like bacon. I know you do too. I know vegetarians who say they never eat anything with a face, except bacon. What is it about bacon that makes us swoon so much? Why do we abandon all morals as soon as that greasy little ribbony strip of meat shows up on our plate? I was… Continue reading Let’s talk about bacon

More about Phoenix

This place is going to keep us very very busy. We have a lease on a house that both of us love*. A pool, beautiful kitchen, outdoor living. When the subject of Phoenix was presented to us we both knew that we wanted outdoor space and room for friends to visit. After spending this weekend here,… Continue reading More about Phoenix

Exploring Arizona

Today I explored a city. No maps or phones. Getting lost intentionally. It was wonderful. I ended up finding familiar locations even though I have only been here once before. I went to breakfast with my boyfriends ex-wife (don’t worry, it was really lovely). I went for a hike to the view you see. You can… Continue reading Exploring Arizona

Come on get healthy!

The last few weeks I have been developing some stomach issues. Never hungry and then when I finally decided I should eat something I would feel bloated and have a dull ache in my belly. Yes, I do realize that when you start talking about your health it’s a sign you are getting old. Whatever,… Continue reading Come on get healthy!