Day 720

This past weekend I had a moment. A big moment. I turned 47 and celebrated my second birthday sober. Friends, this was a birthday for the record books. I climbed a mountain and I camped alone. Two huge things and let me tell you why. This mountain is the tallest summit in Arizona. It stands… Continue reading Day 720

Day 10 & 11

My first sober camping trip was probably my most favorite camping trip ever. I realized, after arriving home today, that what I’m experiencing “sober” is what most people experience when they have a normal relationship with alcohol. Generally people don’t look at every adventure as an opportunity to get drunk. There is no need to be… Continue reading Day 10 & 11

Northern California coastal camping highlights

Last weekend we flew away to California for a budget getaway after finding $96 flights from Phoenix to San Francisco on US Airways through google flights. Have you used Google flights yet? It’s a great way to find a weekend deal. Put in your dates then zoom out the map to see prices for cities.… Continue reading Northern California coastal camping highlights