Day 638

Today I had time to sit and breathe. To finally absorb everything that has happened over the last twelve days. I have spent twelve days walking. Walking by the Irish Sea, over mountains, by lakes, through bogs, and moors. I learned what words like beck and swale meant which is important when you are told… Continue reading Day 638

Day 617

The final countdown has begun! I leave for England in ONE WEEK! I have a whole different feeling about this trip than I did about India last year. There is nervousness for sure, hiking 192 miles in two weeks will give you some butterflies in your stomach, but there is pure excitement as well. Walking… Continue reading Day 617

Day 614

I’m not very good at bragging about myself. I generally lean towards the beat myself up about the shit I did wrong direction. People always tell me I’m being too hard on myself, but I genuinely feel like I’m just being honest about what I do or can do. But today I’d like to take… Continue reading Day 614

Day 613

Another weekend, another adventure. This last weekend I went on an all girls two day backpacking trip. We wanted to explore a hike we did a year or two ago in Sedona, so off we went. Let me start with this little fun fact about myself. I don’t love camping. I know I’m not the… Continue reading Day 613

Day 588

Funny how the first year of sobriety was all about sobriety. So many changes. Now I don’t feel that sobriety is a huge thing in my life. I find myself not feeling the need to tell everyone I see I’m sober. Iz and I still talk about it privately but it’s not something I feel… Continue reading Day 588