365grateful starts now!

I don’t know if I’m going to share all of these. I might keep it on the down low and more personal, but then again I might be inspired to share it all. Time will tell. Yesterday I was in between photo shoots and looked up. There are things I really love about Iowa and… Continue reading 365grateful starts now!

Stop Running

Yesterday I was complaining to Izaak about being overwhelmed. My response to it was avoid everything. After I hinted about needing “space” I realized the ridiculousness of what I was doing. Trying to avoid all of the things in my life that challenge me is not the answer to my feelings of being uncomfortable and/or… Continue reading Stop Running

Practice, practice, practice

Recently I went to a yoga workshop with Jim Bennitt at Field of Yoga in Cedar Rapids.  It was a good workshop. I walked away thinking I didn’t really learn anything new which was somewhat of a let down. However, somehow little things Jim said stuck with me and really began to inspire me about yoga… Continue reading Practice, practice, practice