Almost to Arizona

We’ll reach our destination tomorrow. Here are more random photos from our travels today. So excited to have found crispy M&M’s! These were made something like 10 years ago and then discontinued. They are now making them again, and I found them at a tiny gas station in Pratt, Kansas. Cold paddle board. Found this… Continue reading Almost to Arizona

Random photos from the last two days

Saying goodbye to places and faces. Thank you all of you faces for the great times. Thank you all of you places.  High Life Lounge Ted’s Coney Island for a final Gyro. (Kids choice) Tasty Taco original taco is the one to get. (My choice) Watermelon Shake at Bogey’s on our way through Kansas. Home… Continue reading Random photos from the last two days

Let’s talk about bacon

I like bacon. I know you do too. I know vegetarians who say they never eat anything with a face, except bacon. What is it about bacon that makes us swoon so much? Why do we abandon all morals as soon as that greasy little ribbony strip of meat shows up on our plate? I was… Continue reading Let’s talk about bacon