One of those days…when awesome stuff happened!

The reason for the busy, none updating, week (or weeks?) was because of this thing. I landed a freelance gig with Phoenix New Times! I’ll be their dessert blogger! I am super stoked about this opportunity. What a great way to learn my way around a new city. Really, the best possible way through eating. This… Continue reading One of those days…when awesome stuff happened!

Reubens and Yoga

The sauerkraut is a huge success, if you like sauerkraut that is. If you don’t like it then you would think it’s exactly what you don’t like. Lucky for me, I love it and I will never eat canned sauerkraut ever again! This has great kraut flavor but with a crunch that canned kraut doesn’t have. … Continue reading Reubens and Yoga

Building a yoga practice at home

I have a little yoga teacher secret to help you develop your own yoga practice at home. I don’t know if other teachers do this, but I have a formula for how I sequence classes when I teach. It works really well for developing a practice that you can do any amount of time, 5… Continue reading Building a yoga practice at home