Day 812 Thankful

Today we say thanks. I often see people writing out the things they are grateful for throughout the month of November. I’ll write it all here in one day. Sobriety is not something that needs much explanation. It’s good to have this in my life.  Family who can’t get rid of me if they tried. … Continue reading Day 812 Thankful

Day 614

I’m not very good at bragging about myself. I generally lean towards the beat myself up about the shit I did wrong direction. People always tell me I’m being too hard on myself, but I genuinely feel like I’m just being honest about what I do or can do. But today I’d like to take… Continue reading Day 614

Self Help Obsessed?

I know what I’m about to tell you will be hard to believe, but it’s all true.  I swear. I’m a tiny bit crazy. I thought that as I got older I would become more secure and the crazy would subside a bit. Older and wiser and alla that shit. It hasn’t happened. I came across this… Continue reading Self Help Obsessed?