Day 728

Two days away from two years sober. The photo on the left is from yesterday. We were doing cartwheels in the park. The one on the right was July 2016. Two months before I would quit drinking forever. I was well on my way to getting drunk in that photo. It wasn’t even 1pm. I… Continue reading Day 728

Day 720

This past weekend I had a moment. A big moment. I turned 47 and celebrated my second birthday sober. Friends, this was a birthday for the record books. I climbed a mountain and I camped alone. Two huge things and let me tell you why. This mountain is the tallest summit in Arizona. It stands… Continue reading Day 720

Day 685

Write everyday, they said. You’ll get better, they said. Let’s see about that… I haven’t been writing much for me, because I’ve been writing a lot for work. I don’t mind. It’s exciting to write about adventure. We have tons of fun with Women on Adventures, but I would like to write about my life… Continue reading Day 685

Day 638

Today I had time to sit and breathe. To finally absorb everything that has happened over the last twelve days. I have spent twelve days walking. Walking by the Irish Sea, over mountains, by lakes, through bogs, and moors. I learned what words like beck and swale meant which is important when you are told… Continue reading Day 638