Making Lemonade or Curd

The lemons are dropping from our tree. It makes me sad to think we won’t have lemons available soon. I’ve been trying to think of ways to save them for the coming summer. Making lemonade concentrate to freeze, freezing fresh squeezed in ice cube trays, lemon preserves (haven’t actually made yet), and other lemony good… Continue reading Making Lemonade or Curd

Reubens and Yoga

The sauerkraut is a huge success, if you like sauerkraut that is. If you don’t like it then you would think it’s exactly what you don’t like. Lucky for me, I love it and I will never eat canned sauerkraut ever again! This has great kraut flavor but with a crunch that canned kraut doesn’t have. … Continue reading Reubens and Yoga

Cocktail Monday

Costco is turning into quite the (expensive) inspiration for me. I stopped there last week for Toilet paper and coffee, and $100 later I have toilet paper, coffee, giant bottle of gin, and a giant bag of pears. Please tell me you do this too. The pears have been a yummy breakfast treat, but there… Continue reading Cocktail Monday

Chickpea Salad

This little simple salad is pretty much rocking my world right now. It’s incredibly easy but also incredibly versatile. The possibilities of what I can do to this thing are endless! Chickpea Salad 1 can chickpeas (drained and rinsed) 1 clove garlic (microplane or crush and chop) 1 lemon juiced 2 Tbsp chopped Thai basil… Continue reading Chickpea Salad

A Salty Dog

Last night I had this whole post composed in my head about Monday night happy hours. I was going to type out this brilliantly eloquent post about greyhounds vs salty dogs and gin vs vodka. It was going to be an epic post. Epic! I fired up the grill, seasoned the chicken, mixed up my cocktail,… Continue reading A Salty Dog