Making Time

Finally starting to get into a routine with this whole food blogger (for pay) thing. I am one of those crazy creatives who thrives on routine. I need structure in my life. Probably because everything is pretty crazy up in my head, I need the outside to be as dependable and structured as possible. Trying… Continue reading Making Time

Sunrise Trail

Yesterday, after my kickass chickpea salad, I went on a hike to see Sunrise peak. It’s located down the street from my kid’s school so I hit the trail thinking I had enough time to get there and back. Well, I didn’t. I got up to the point in the photo above looking back over the… Continue reading Sunrise Trail

Sedona, AZ

This is really beautiful landscape. Stunning. I can see why it’s touristy. We drove the jeep up some 4×4 only road to get to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead. Izaak is loving this jeep friendly country. Pretty, yes? It’s a nice hike up there too with lovely views and a little bit of scrambling. Really great views.… Continue reading Sedona, AZ