Day 318

Last weekend I had plans to escape the desert heat and head for high ground, I mean the north woods. Wisconsin is a stunningly beautiful midwestern state. Full of wildlife, and trees, and lakes, and we saw a bear! Life slows down in the north woods. The sun rises slower and the moon takes it’s… Continue reading Day 318

Day 304

After my last post showing all of my drinks blocking my view I got frustrated by how many restaurants only feature cocktails and nothing non-alcoholic. That’s really cheating. You can throw most anything together and call it a cocktail but non-boozy? Make me that! Iz and I are really good at brainstorming and he is… Continue reading Day 304

A Salty Dog

Last night I had this whole post composed in my head about Monday night happy hours. I was going to type out this brilliantly eloquent post about greyhounds vs salty dogs and gin vs vodka. It was going to be an epic post. Epic! I fired up the grill, seasoned the chicken, mixed up my cocktail,… Continue reading A Salty Dog