I’m crazy

I’ve heard that when you are running downhill you shouldn’t use your legs as brakes. This was running through my mind as I ran down a pretty steep rocky hill. What I thought in response to that was, it seems the alternative to using my legs as brakes was using my face. That didn’t sound… Continue reading I’m crazy

#22 Sauerkraut is cooking or soaking or whatever it’s doing

Started #22 on the list! It feels good to start knocking some of that 101 in 1001 list out! I am loving that this list is forcing me to set goals. Real goals, put on the calendar, making them happen. I know I have only done two, but hey, I have already done two! It… Continue reading #22 Sauerkraut is cooking or soaking or whatever it’s doing

#82 Make pretzels from scratch

  You may remember this list thing I started back in (oh, shit!) November. Crap, I just realized I let almost two months go by without doing anything on it. In my defense, I did do a big cross country move in that time. Now on to #82 on the list. I did this!  My… Continue reading #82 Make pretzels from scratch