Day 993

I love a good solo adventure. I love the solitude and self reliance of walking long distances alone.

This weekend Izaak and I walked 21 miles together. We went down into the Grand Canyon and back out in one day. I struggled the last 3 miles. I huffed and I puffed my way up that canyon wall shuffling my feet and wishing there was an easier way out. 

There wasn’t. 

But I wasn’t alone. I had someone there to laugh at the never.ending.climb. Someone to take photos with as we hiked higher and higher and entered a cloud banked canyon wall. Someone to push me forward as the rain came down for 3+ solid hours. It was good to have a companion on that adventure and why I also love adventure companions. Especially This dude.

The Grand Canyon will challenge you in ways you didn’t know where even possible. I believe we should all do hard things. We should all push ourselves in directions we want to go, please don’t do hard things to make your life harder, but do hard things that help you achieve big goals and make you stronger.

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