Day 897

Two nights ago I went to a Women and Wealth seminar. Seminar is a strong word it was more like a two hour talk about real estate given by my brilliant neighbor who I want to be like when I grow up. The talk was good. The information was helpful. The drunk girl plowing through a bottle of bubbly during the evening was, at best, distracting.

Now, I’m not judging because there was a time in my life that I was that drunk girl. Hit the happy hour before the event and find out there is free booze? Best night ever. I would have then gone home and happily finished off another cocktail or two. And that is what I kept thinking while I watched her get up and go back to the bottle over and over again. 5 times and 1 bathroom trip in two hours. That was me two years ago.

What a different scene I live now. Instead of being “that girl” I drank my bottle of water. Wait, can we talk about the drink options at these things? How many different kinds of wine and bubble do people get and the non-drinkers get water. Probably a three to one ratio. If you are trying to warm someone up to sell them something, I get it. If you are trying educate, no. Just a bottle of fizzy water would be awesome! Let my people drink!

Back to my life now. I drank my water. Learned some new shit. Went home and ate a delicious dinner of meatballs and zucchini fritters. When the cop fired up his lights as I drove by my only concern was shit was I speeding…I wasn’t. The next day I woke up feeling awesome and ready to tackle on some business issues.

Instead of feeling resentful or judgey that evening, I feel grateful for the work I’ve done and the person I’m becoming. Life is good not being the drunk girl.

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