Day 893

“Thank you for seeing me”

I saw this as a caption on one of Glennon Doyle’s instagram photos. Her wife took it of her and her daughter having a moment and she said thank you for seeing me. Beautiful.

As a photographer I am used to being behind the camera. There are very few photos of me during my marriage. I thought it was because I was always taking the photos, but then after the divorce I realized it was because no one took the time to take my picture.

When I started dating I would notice when my dates took my picture and when they did not. I only dated two men but both focused on themselves. One of them used the picture I took of him as his dating profile picture, while we were dating. Classy! This also led to me giving up on dating. Until…

When I met Izaak we were both in our own strange places. He was freshly separated (I didn’t realize how fresh at the time) and I had been divorced for a while but my confidence was kicked to the curb and my drinking was escalating.

The first couple years of us were rough. We struggled to find our footing but one thing I knew was if he didn’t take pictures of me we were toast. The pictures were not immediate but they did come. Oh boy did they come.

He captures the best of me and the funniest of me. He captures me when I’m ready and when I’m not. He takes time to see me and I’m so fucking grateful for that.

Thank you for seeing me, Izaak. I see you too.

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