Day 889

I wanted to write a blog post yesterday for day 888, because I love weird number combinations, but I forgot to check the days. SO today. Day 889.

It’s good. We’re good. Life is good.

It’s a strange thing to be sober for this long. 2 years, 5 months, 6 days. To stick with something this long is pretty astounding for me. I’m an idea hopper. I rarely do one thing for a long period of time.

But I’m also stubborn and when I make up my mind about something it’s done. Even though I’ll occasionally think about drinking, usually when I’m super stressed or sad, I’ll never go back to it. The drive to it is no longer there.

And thank the sweet baby Jesus for that! No longer worrying about how I’ll find my next drink, spending hours in bars, losing hours sitting around drinking. All that is gone and in it’s place fun, laughter, clarity, health, money!

The big question is where to go for our 1000 days? A few places are in the running. Vegas, camping in Mexico or California, or maybe Utah or New Mexico. Somewhere quick since we’ll be in Washington the following month but we definitely want to celebrate big.

What are the bigger takeaways from over two years sober? The second year is way better than the first. I feel less like a deer in headlights this year. Less worried about how much alcohol is around me. Less worried about how much other people are drinking. I’m more grounded in my own decision to not have booze in my life, and with each day that decision gets easier and easier. We also talk a lot less about alcohol and sobriety. It’s not a “thing” anymore. That feels so good.

The fact that we are talking about doing Vegas sober is a strong testament to our comfort level with sobriety. I’m leaning in the Vegas direction thanks to the blog Sober in Vegas. I’m curious about the experience and think it would be a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to celebrating this milestone. Wanna come to Vegas for a sober vacation?

I’d like to post more here. How I travel sober, camp sober, work sober, live sober. I’ve been a little lost for words the last few months, or maybe I have been too busy living sober to write about it. But I’ve seen the hashtag #soberisnotboring popping up and I know we live one of the least boring lives and should share that so others can see living sober is definitely not boring.

When I was first thinking about sobriety I collect names of people who were sober. I watched them intently looking for signs of why I should be sober. I never saw them because I saw happy, healthy, and productive individuals. I wanted more of that in my life too.

Bring on 1000 days and hopefully more sober blog posts, but if you don’t see me here, know that I am still sober and loving life and too busy to post.

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