Day 823

“The truth has legs; it always stands. When everything in the room has blown up or dissolved away, the only thing left standing will always be the truth. Since that’s where you’re gonna end up anyway, you might as well just start there.” – Rayya Elias

Last night I went to LA to hear Cheryl Strayed and Liz Gilbert speak. I was sitting there listening to them and realizing how fucking messy our lives are. No matter how neatly we want to package them up and present them to the world, they are messy. These two women shared their messy parts and it is so brave and glorious because they help us give ourselves permission to share our messy too. 

I’m not going into all the messy bits now, but I wanted to put it out there that I went, and I heard, and I listened.  

The messy stuff is coming. 

2 thoughts on “Day 823

    1. I have no idea! As we were looking at it two girls stopped as well. They sent a text to their dad and brother who are arborists but we got two different responses. It was incredible. both the tree and the talk.


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