Day 812 Thankful

Today we say thanks. I often see people writing out the things they are grateful for throughout the month of November. I’ll write it all here in one day.

  1. Sobriety is not something that needs much explanation. It’s good to have this in my life. 
  2. Family who can’t get rid of me if they tried. 
  3. Friends who have stuck by me through getting sober and all the other muck that was mucky.
  4. Business that keeps me learning and growing.
  5. Money and I go way back and not in a good way. I’m finally finding some peace around this topic and learning to love it in a healthy way.
  6. Food is something I have always had a love of. I used to pour over cookbooks as a kid. The more pictures the better. 
  7. Travel that allows me to explore the world. I never thought I would get to a place in my life to make this happen. 
  8. Opportunities to work on a business that is growing and developing.
  9. Running gives me the peace I need. 
  10. Time that I have more of and don’t waste anymore.
  11. Health is something I never take for granted even though in my head I’m about to die all the time. 
  12. Do Overs on many things that I probably don’t even deserve. 
  13. Halfsies on food and many other things that Izaak is kind enough to share with me. 
  14. Social media breaks
  15. Backpacking is not a cheap endeavor to start and I’m so fucking grateful to have the gear I need to walk out into the back country.
  16. Hiking across countries. This year I have hiked hundreds of miles and have learned so much in those long quiet miles. Learned about myself, what I can do, how much I don’t suck. 
  17. Trusting myself and the decisions I make.
  18. Love that people show me I’m worthy of.
  19. Believing in myself
  20. Becoming self-aware
  21. Organizing my life! I have a little more to do here but it’s coming along nicely
  22. Slowing down to appreciate life
  23. Photography and the ability to express myself through images. 
  24. Creativity is something I have never lacked. 
  25. Books that take me away, and take me back, and take me forward. Thanks to all those writers who bared their soul and shared their words. I hope to be one of them someday and write my own book. 
  26. Sobriety for allowing me to be present in every moment, even when those moments are hard. 
  27. Cooking because even though I don’t always love to do it, I love that I can when I want to.
  28. Yoga that allows me a moment of slowing down and stretching and strengthening my body.
  29. Massages after doing something hard
  30. The road that took me to this very moment. I hate the saying no regrets because I have lots. Lots of regrets like drinking instead of being present for my kids through my divorce. Drinking when my son was going through something really hard. Drinking myself into oblivion when I should have ben there for myself. So while I have lots of regrets I’m grateful that the road guided me out of all that and took me here, sitting on this chair, typing this post. This is good. 

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