Day 805

I’m still here and I’m patting myself on the back for showing up again! To be fair, I do always show up, but I don’t always hit publish. Here’s to hitting publish in all it’s unperfected glory. 

I love how this saguaro arms are all growing up and that tiny base supports it all!

That’s what this is about for me now. Not being afraid to be here and be seen. To be fair, it’s my Mom seeing me…she reads…Hi Mom! We all have a story to tell and it’s important for us to share it even if there are those who will snicker in the background. A lot of the last few years has been about not letting that get under my skin.

Knowing that people will judge and the more you stand in the light the more judgement will appear. That’s okay because by telling my truth about addiction, business worries, and fears about adventure I have given those willing to read the words acknowledgment in their own fears and worries. I nod my head to you girl. We are in this together. 


The creosote are blooming in the desert where I run. Everyday I my head is pounding by 2pm and in bed by 8pm. Which is probably good for all around me because I’m cranky AF! That’s okay, because I’m running in November outside in 70ºF weather. No complaints. 

On Sunday we are backpacking into Havasupai. I can not wait. It’s a trip I have dreamed about since the invention of Pinterest. I have no idea how we got so lucky to get permits this year, but off we go to freeze our asses off and gaze upon the falls. Woot! I tested out my winter base layers in Flagstaff a few months ago and think I’ll be fine with the cold temps.

This is all very random and all over the place but I’m posting because I’m going for consistency. 

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