Day 802

I realize I haven’t posted here since the two year mark. It looks like the last post was Izaak’s! I do write here nearly everyday. I open up a tab, type in the count, write, then close the tab. I have 96 drafts.

My goal today is to hit publish.

I’m still sober and loving it. I’m still working on Women on Adventures and it continues to grow. I am still….here.

Over the last couple months I have been focusing on business. As in, taking care of business. Getting shit done. Growing. And exploring.

In September I went to Mexico with WOA ladies. In October I got my wilderness first aid certification and backpacked rim to rim at the Grand Canyon. This weekend Izaak and I will be backpacking into Havasupai. All off these deserve a write up here but I couldn’t find the words. I tried and tried to write it out but never finished a single blog.

Instead of worrying about when I should be writing I’m just going to post some photos and be done with looking back. Time to look forward. A new year is coming and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s on the calendar. I suppose I could be more excited but if I were I’d probably be peeing my pants.

The Grand Canyon is a place I am already itching to get back to. Like now! I didn’t know how much I would love it until I stood on the edge and inhaled its beauty. We talk often about buying a house in Washington but I know a piece of my heart will stay in AZ.


Puerto Peñasco is pretty special. Sure it’s over run by Phoenicians but it still has enough of a Mexico  vibe to be enjoyable.

I almost did it again. I started this blog at 6am and it’s now 8pm. I almost went to bed without finishing it, but here I am wrapping this baby up and hitting publish. Look at me now.

UGH! I did it again! that was from last night. I forgot to hit publish!

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