Day 725


Five days away from two years of sobriety. What the what?! Izaak is working on his two year recap so stay tuned for that. I’m in Iowa this week doing some Women on Adventures work. It’s strange to be back in a place where my drinking was so out of control.

This was my home for nearly ten years. It’s where I raised my kids. I grew up in Kansas, but where I feel the biggest pull to be “home” is Iowa. Don’t get me wrong. I am a Kansas girl, and I love my native state, but when I miss a place, it’s Iowa. So I’m back at the scene of so many drinking crimes. Not actual crimes. I’m a grown up and mostly my crimes were just too many vodka tonics at home and rambling messages to people online.

So far it feels different in a very good kind of way. I’m seeing people, lots of plans, and exploring a city with a new set of eyes. I’ve only been here one full day and I have 9 more to go so I will have more updates on this one. I’m curious is the pull will weaken as I’m here longer and seeing friends or will it get stronger. Phoenix is a cool place to live but it isn’t home. I don’t think it will ever be home.

This is a short post since I’m running out to have lunch with my kid. I’ll update more as the week goes on.

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