Day 720

This past weekend I had a moment. A big moment. I turned 47 and celebrated my second birthday sober. Friends, this was a birthday for the record books. I climbed a mountain and I camped alone. Two huge things and let me tell you why.

This mountain is the tallest summit in Arizona. It stands at 12,633 feet. It is an 11 mile out and back hike with over 3,343 feet of elevation. It is hard. Real hard. Throw in altitude and two previous attempts and you have me being a bit nervous as we started the hike at 6:30am on Sunday. My birthday.


It feels good to be able to do something like this at 47, and to know I’m just getting started. It feels good to know that hangovers are no longer holding me back. It feels good to see progress in my life both personally and professionally. Finishing a hike like that is a reflection of my hard work and my determination.


My next challenge was camping alone. I reserved a spot in a campground which I am considering it as my training wheels camping adventure. I’m not quite ready to go totally off grid in the woods…yet.

I set up my camp with rooftop tent, hammock, built a fire, cooked my dinner, journaled, read a book, and relaxed. I slept great and felt confident in my skills as a camper. The next morning I packed up and drove through a storm as I made my way home. Arizona is such an amazing state.


And living sober is also an amazing state. Two year anniversary is coming up. I’m ready.

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