Day 685


Write everyday, they said. You’ll get better, they said. Let’s see about that…

I haven’t been writing much for me, because I’ve been writing a lot for work. I don’t mind. It’s exciting to write about adventure. We have tons of fun with Women on Adventures, but I would like to write about my life for an audience that isn’t paying me to entertain them.

However, if any readers here want to pay me, feel free to shoot a little cash my way. Entrepreneur life is hard. Kidding!

Today I’m working on getting my life organized. I know I am not the only one struggling with this issue. I am a flighty beast. I go where the wind takes me, then I panic like a MOFO when I forget deadlines. I am so tired of panic mode, so I’m going to organize mode.

This should be interesting. I am notorious for devising organizational systems. I create really good ones. The only problem is, once I create the system I forget how it works then never use it again. The process then starts over because I have to create another system. Crazy making!

Right now I’m adding everything I need to do to Google Calendar. I’m blocking off time to work on things that have deadlines coming due. Like right now I have one hour blocked to work on the newsletter for WOA, and as you can see this is working out really well for me. I have 18 minutes left in my blocked hour, Mailchimp is open, and I’m writing this blog post.  Winning!

In all seriousness, I gotta go get to work. Do you have a solid organizational tool or method? I’d love to hear about it!


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