Day 614


I’m not very good at bragging about myself. I generally lean towards the beat myself up about the shit I did wrong direction. People always tell me I’m being too hard on myself, but I genuinely feel like I’m just being honest about what I do or can do. But today I’d like to take a moment to brag about what I have accomplished in the last few months (and years).

  • Women on Adventures is getting news coverage. I recently did an interview with the biggest newspaper in Arizona!
  • WOA the podcast is now in most places where you can find podcasts. Um, iTunes!!! I’m co-hosting a freaking podcast!
  • WOA the magazine launches June 1st and I just got our first draft from our fabulous designer!
  • WOA has won a national championship and is still in the running for the grand prize in September!
  • I’m leaving in less than two weeks to hike 192 miles across England.
  • I quit drinking, smoking, and all drugs (I didn’t really do drugs but thought I would throw it in there) 614 days ago and am so proud to be living a completely dry life.

There is probably more but for now I need to get back and finish writing my bio and presentation summary for a conference in August. Yep, I’m speaking again!

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