Day 588


Funny how the first year of sobriety was all about sobriety. So many changes. Now I don’t feel that sobriety is a huge thing in my life. I find myself not feeling the need to tell everyone I see I’m sober. Iz and I still talk about it privately but it’s not something I feel the need to state to everyone. On the flip side of that I feel like it is important to keep talking about it because there are other people struggling with alcohol, and they should know that people have come out the other side and are thriving!

In the first few months of sobriety I mourned booze. Will I really never be able to drink again? So sad! Now? I’m grateful that it’s not in my life. The money I’m saving! Mind blowing. Time! So much time.

So what has happened since my first day of working for myself?

  • I won the 2018 Small Business Championship. I’ll be going to Reno in a couple weeks to participate in a networking and training event.
  • I’m presenting a workshop at Prescott College next weekend about fear and our comfort zone.
  • We launched a podcast! 
  • We launched in three more states so now SEVEN states have outposts ready to help women adventure.
  • Prepping for my hike. I leave in 6 weeks!

There’s so much more but for some reason my mind just went blank. Probably because I started thinking about the workshop, and I’m trying not to freak out. I’m so excited but also, public speaking.


Personally, besides all of the business stuff, I’m doing really well, and feeling so incredibly grateful to be able to do this work. And having sobriety on my side during it all has been the best. Absolute best!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll. Make it a great one!

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