Day 542

Once again, I’ve tried to do updates here in the past couple weeks but haven’t had words to write or I write then wait a day or two to post and the magic is gone. Not that my words are magic but the timeliness of the post has disappeared. But there have been some significant changes in my life so I’ll try to get a quick update before I’m scheduled to hike this morning.

  1. I quit my job. Didn’t see that coming did you? This was not a decision we took lightly. It significantly changes our lifestyle, but we believe in Women on Adventures and I’ll be able to focus on that more now that I have the time.
  2. Sobriety is going well. I have moments, in high stress, when I think about drinking but I don’t actually want to drink. I can’t even imagine going back to that life.
  3. Home life is good. I’ve started training for my UK hike. 190 miles in two weeks. I’m still freaking out a bit, but I know I can do it?
  4. Will I still do photography? People keep asking me this. Yes and no. Corporate photography, no. WoA photography, yes.

Hmmm, after working on this list I realized how much I do want to talk about leaving my corporate photography job. The excitement to work on my own business full time is real. I can not wait. I have tried not to work on it this weekend. Give myself a few days to decompress, but it is such a huge part of my life it is nearly impossible not to think about it.


There is real fear as well. Losing a salary is scary. But know that I did not come to this decision lightly. There were things happening at my job that I knew would only get worse. I saw long nights in my future trying to get everything done, and I saw time being taken away from my family and real passion (WoA). All for a job that I didn’t really feel connected to anymore. Trust me that I know this is a luxury to make a decision like this but I’ll be working my ass off to make this happen.

Now, I think the most interesting thing about all of this is that I started using Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map I set my Core Desired Feelings for the year in January and ready, set, go. One of my words was FREEDOM and every day I would sit with my planner, write out my words, and talk about my desire to earn money from Women on Adventures. Less than two months into the year and done. I’m quitting my job to work for WoA. That’s magic!

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