Day 507


I’ve officially tried to blog here for a full week. Since 500 days I’ve opened this page and started, but never finished. At that point, it feels too late to post it and I delete it. There is too much to say and nothing to say all at once.

500 felt like a huge milestone, like OMG I have gone how long without a hangover? I like to buy myself little things for milestones. This time I bought myself a huge thing. A flight to the UK to do the coast to coast hike. I have many feelings about this, but the main one is WTF was I thinking? How is a reward to myself hiking 190 miles in two weeks? Really, Jenny? Really?

Women on Adventures is growing and on January 5th I launched a weekly #fearlessfriday challenge that will last all year. It’s so fun! I also recorded yoga videos of myself practicing to add to the members area. It’s not like I just want you all to watch me doing yoga, ewww, I am a certified yoga instructor so it’s a 15 minute class. Make sense?Our members now have access to free yoga! And finally on the business side, I entered a contest to win $15,000 for WoA.

There has been a bit of stress in the last week or two with work and family which has had me struggling. I’m trying to do the healthy things to stay sane, but all I really want to do is crawl into a cheesy pizza box and guzzle all the Dr. Pepper which, hey, is way better than my normal go to of eat all the cheesy pepperoni pizza and vodka!


Over new years we went to Mexico and had a lovely two days on the beach, did some SUP on the Sea of Cortez, watched dolphins and explored tide pools.

IMG_0171 (1)

On our first WoA challenge we created vision boards and mine was more of a reflection on how I want to feel this year. I’ve been reading a lot of Danielle LaPorte and working in her Desire Map Planner. This idea of doing what you want to feel the way you want is so appealing. Instead of working on to do lists.

Right now, I’m heading out to hike. Gotta do some training! I’ll try to be better about writing here with updates on sobriety. It’s all going well. Even when things are hard, it’s better than when I was drinking.

4 thoughts on “Day 507

  1. So awesome! We have friends who have done similar hikes in England. The kids and I have talked about doing a hike in the UK or Scandinavia after they both graduate (12/19 for him, 5/20 for her). 🧡

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