Day 400

I started this new fancy blog* and then got writers block. I just can’t bring myself to write in that space for some reason. It feels too big. I like this little corner. It feels safe and good so I’m back and going to write here until I’m ready to write there. I mean, it is my website, I can do what I want!

So hi, I’m here. I’m good and sober and happy. This last month has been crazy. We have traveled, finished our kitchen remodel, celebrated one year of sobriety, got a tattoo and more. It’s strange the feelings around drinking. Sometimes the urge to drink is overwhelming and other times it’s nonexistent. I’ll have to dig into that at some point but for now I’m going to share my life in pictures.

Good stuff

One year sober gifts from friends far away. I cried when I opened the box which revealed this beautiful necklace and mug.

Sober snail

My sober snail….


Greece was magical. Hard in terms of drinking at times, but magical still.


And the kitchen is done. It’s so incredibly functional and beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Last night I had friends over for a fun full moon thing and it proved to be a perfect party space. I’ll share more on this later.

Whew, that’s a lot of shit going on in a month! October is going to be a different type of adventure filled. Lot’s going on but luckily less expensive stuff. 🙂

*BTW if you haven’t read Iz’s post on the new blog, go do it now. It’s his perspective on the whole sober for a year thing.

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