Day 455

I love lists. I have a whole Moleskin full of them. So when I found the idea of 101 things in 1001 days I was hooked.

This is my second 101 list. The first  101 things to do in 1001 days ended August 2017. I didn’t do everything on the list, but I did, surprisingly, a lot of things on it.

I wanted to make a new list to start my next year of sobriety off right. Here it goes!

This new list will end  June 25, 2020.

101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Go indoor skydiving
  2. Camping alone in a campground (happening August 20th)
  3. Go to the Amazon
  4. Get married (got engaged April 21, 2016 so it’s time)
  5. Write a book about my sobriety
  6. Put on a WoA conference (March 2019)
  7. Get a tattoo of a snail and poppies
  8. Go on a week long backpacking trip
  9. Learn to speed read (so many books, so little time)
  10. Make cheese from scratch
  11. Meditate 10 minutes daily
  12. Run a trail half marathon
  13. Hike rim to rim of the Grand Canyon
  14. Spend a week at the ocean
  15. Take both my boys on a vacation, a real vacation (August 4th, 2018)
  16. Have a conversation in Spanish
  17. Go back to India (Mumbai to Goa)
  18. Start a subscription box for WoA
  19. Send more letters and cards in the mail
  20. Make time for family and friends
  21. Take another map reading class and get lost in the woods
  22. Climb to the very top of Humphrey’s peak
  23. Start a podcast or magazine for Women on Adventures
  24. Get a family photo album together
  25. Finish our kitchen remodel
  26. Visit New Orleans
  27. Make ravioli from scratch (08-15-18)
  28. Increase traffic to WoA website (9,000 page views as of July 2018)
  29. Make six figures
  30. Go to the drive in (08-11-18)
  31. Not be afraid of the dark
  32. Give a speech in front of real people (April 2018)
  33. Believe in myself and trust my decisions
  34. Trust the people around me
  35. Be kind to myself and have more positive self talk
  36. Live a sober life
  37. Eat clean, practice 80/20
  38. Hike across England (May 2018)
  39. Help others by volunteering regularly (once a month?)
  40. Volunteer in Mexico….sea turtles!
  41. Vacation in Maine
  42. Go to Montana for a horseback riding camping adventure
  43. Scuba dive
  44. Blog at least once a week
  45. Try Rappelling
  46. Pay off Toyota
  47. Build an outdoor kitchen
  48. Put a door in our bedroom with a patio
  49. See the white sands in New Mexico
  50. Go to Kansas for Christmas
  51. Rent an RV
  52. Honeymoon in France
  53. Learn to sail
  54. Run a trail marathon
  55. Go so far out on the ocean that I can’t see land
  56. Send an unexpected gift for no reason
  57. Do something kind for a stranger
  58. Make sour dough bread from scratch
  59. Create a camping cookbook
  60. Take a class
  61. Pickle something yummy
  62. Snorkel somewhere cool
  63. Learn to love money instead of fear it
  64. Hire an accountant
  65. Grow more of our own food
  66. See antelope canyon (March 2018)
  67. Rent a cabin
  68. Camp on the beach
  69. Landscape our backyard
  70. Buy land in Washington
  71. Take WoA on the road
  72. Go ice skating
  73. Pay off credit cards
  74. Create fun and interesting non-boozy drinks
  75. Love money by researching investments and invest
  76. Believe I deserve to have money. Basically get over my money shit.
  77. Storytelling – go to a storytelling event
  78. Host a bloody Sunday brunch
  79. Go surfing again!
  80. Do something good for a stranger anonymously
  81. Create an online class/program that changes lives (launching Sept 2018)
  82. Work on the primary series and master 50%
  83. Mystic hot springs weekend in Utah
  84. Schedule more coffee dates with friends
  85. Fill the house with plants
  86. Host a mini WoA weekend workshop
  87. Ferment something
  88. Make more shrubs and blog about them
  89. Get regular massages
  90. Call my mom
  91. Hire an employee
  92. Shoot gratitude photos for 30 days
  93. Build WoA social media 10k on Instagram
  94. Donate money monthly
  95. Create a Phoenix city guide for WoA
  96. Go to a sober event
  97. Go one month without eating out
  98. Learn some dance moves
  99. Have a picnic
  100. Decorate my living room
  101. See a live performance
I thought about moving over the unfinished items from my old list, but my life has changed in 1001 days. My priorities and goals have changed. It’s time for a new list.

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