Day 360

I don’t even know what I wrote about last time I was here. I’ve drafted several posts in my head but never got it all down before they disappeared. My mind has been all over the place and I have been fighting the depression demon for a few weeks. As you could probably tell by my annoying sadness in recent posts.

Well, it’s all a work in progress. I’m struggling to find my way out. Just as when I started my sobriety, I have created a toolbox for depression. Now, my sobriety toolbox didn’t last very long. I think I still took things out and dusted them off once in awhile, and I probably used it more than I think, but this toolbox seems more vital.

Exercise (yoga and running)
Scheduling and Organizing my entire life
No Sugar
Learning Spanish
Taking time to read

I am taking it all slow and not beating myself up on not doing anything on this list. If one day I read, but don’t get to Spanish, then that is okay. I’m nailing 90% so I call that a win. On the organizing front, I find that the more I have scheduled the fewer decisions I have to make during the day.  The fewer decisions I have to make the more sane I feel.

We are going into our last few days before 1 year. That’s pretty big.

8 thoughts on “Day 360

  1. You are such an inspiration, keep it going! You are only 5 days away from ONE YEAR SOBER…..that is such a beautiful achievement.
    You can get yourself through the funk, use your tools, be proud of everything you are doing, because you know what?…..You are DOING IT! – not everyone can say that, but you can. xo

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