Day 353

This is my first birthday in probably 30 years that I didn’t drink. So what did I do all day yesterday? Moped around, crying, and wasting away my birthday because I wasn’t doing anything fun. I’m 46 and run an adventure business, and I couldn’t figure out anything fun to do?

There have been times through this year were I would get super emotional for no reason. Start crying and feeling everything so hard. It would seem out of the blue until I realized I have a milestone coming up. My first year is right around the corner. 12 days away to be exact. Less than two weeks. That’s huge. I remember a friend telling me the name for this, but it’s not coming to me now.

I’m still figuring out my birthday weekend and will share later. But for now let me share a few images from LAST weekend. I took five ladies to San Diego to learn to surf. I do have a lot to say about that weekend, but I don’t have time right now because we just this second decided to go to the Grand Canyon.

Adventure is calling….

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary from Farmer and the Seahorse.

Fish tacos

Fish tacos from Tacos de Pescado Marlyn in El Centro, California.

The Grass Skirt

Pomegranate Lemonade from The Grass Skirt.

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