Day 338

We were forced out of our house today so the floor guys could finish up. It’s hard for me to write at night. I’m a morning person with maximum awesomeness peaking at 10am. After that, it’s all over. What does that mean for you, dear reader? Photos from our day.

Yoga in the park

The day started with a fun yoga in the park session with Women on Adventures.


Then we drove up to the Mogollon Rim to explore and try to mushroom hunting. We were not brave enough to take any of the mushrooms we found since we couldn’t positively identify them as a not going to kill us variety.

Mogollon Rim

This is part of the AZT which I will one day hike. The AZT is like a mini PCT but less WILD stuff has happened there.



Why yes! I do have the most adorable dog in the world.




It rained on our way out which was the most perfect way to end the day on the rim.

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