Day 337

Today as I was working in my Inner Guide Planner when I noticed THE box. It’s a box I leave untouched each and every week like my floss, I know, I know my dentist hates me too. I have no idea how to answer the question. What did I do to express my love and appreciation? I am not sure that I do anything besides appreciating myself for limiting my coffee intake to only 2 cups a day. I KNOW I didn’t do anything for my family and friends while in the thick of my drinking years. But this last year? What excuse do I have for being an asshole to everyone?

I posted the question on Instagram and friends* shared all of the wonderful ways they show love. I now want to be in a relationship with all of my friends. 5 Love Languages is the book they shared with me and I’m mildly horrified about it but also slightly intrigued by it. Right away Iz and I went on their website and did a quiz that will tell us our 5 types of love languages. We learned that I truly am an asshole and the way to my heart is through gifts. Lots of gifts. LOTS of gifts. Iz is easy…real easy apparently. He just needs a little hug once in awhile. Is that too much to ask? Maybe, but I’m trying.

I wanted to write more, but it’s late and I’m tired. It was a crappy day. I didn’t get enough gifts.

*My friends are generally really smart people so I’m going to trust them on this one.

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