Day 334

We have officially entered my birthmonth. There is no day in my birth. We celebrate all month long*.

I used to hate my birthday. It was always a disappointment. I felt all Molly Ringwald in 16 candles all the time. Pouty and unappreciated. That is until I got a divorce and realized I need to celebrate me if I want to have a good time. This is my holiday! It’s the day I was brought into this world and left to figure out my shit.

Then came the birthday month.


Now this month used to revolve around drinking. Shocking, I know, but this month it will be different. It’s our final month in our sober for a year challenge. We are almost there. Although, our thoughts around drinking have changed drastically. I’ll say it now, if I haven’t already said it before, I will never drink again. I can’t. Iz feels the same way. So we are moving into our final count down to 365, after September 1st we’ll start counting up. It doesn’t feel sad. It feels exciting.


Happy birthmonth to all of you August birthdays! Let’s celebrate! Sober is the new sexy and we plan to thrive in sobriety and show this birthday who’s the boss.

*While daily gifts are appreciated they are not required.

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