Day 329

I have shared a before and after picture of myself before, but this one here is more noteworthy. HOLY MOLY! What a difference sobriety makes. George Takei shared a link to people with before and after pics of drinking and on my drive home from work Iz sent me ours. I was blown away.

The top picture was taken after Halloween 2015. We dressed as Linda and Bob from Bob’s Burgers. We had the best costume! All night, as we stumbled around the bar in Tempe, people stopped us to take pictures with us. We were popular and loving it. It’s the closest I will ever come to being a celebrity and that is okay!


The obvious difference is the bloat is gone. Amazing isn’t it? We were both active in the top pic. We hiked, ran, paddle boarded, and more! We still do all of those things, but it’s now so much easier. Waking up in the morning is easier. Life is easier.

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