Day 321

Hip Sobriety posted on social media a list of things she does not do anymore. I wanted to make one too although it turned out harder than I thought to put this together, because there are a million fucked up things I still do like berate myself for not being able to make a list. But here is my start and it is a list that will grow as I grow.

  1. Drink alcohol
  2. Add sugar to my coffee
  3. Show up late
  4. Smoke, I haven’t had a cigarette in two and a half years
  5. Talk without thinking
  6. Allow shitty people in my life
  7. Try to be someone else or someone I’m not
  8. Be mean to others or gossip to make myself feel better
  9. Resist travel out of fear
  10. Give a shit what other people think of me

I still do fucked up things. I still have work to do but I like the idea of having a list of things I do not do anymore.

6 thoughts on “Day 321

    1. The gossip is the hardest. I’m constantly asking “Is this gossiping”. Because when is it just informing my partner about friends and when is it gossip. I finally decided that when it feels yucky to talk about, it probably is gossip.

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      1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I question my motives as well. Kind of like that “Bless her heart” deal where you are really disparaging the person, but are trying to make it look like concern. It’s hard to quit “venting.”

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