Day 318

Last weekend I had plans to escape the desert heat and head for high ground, I mean the north woods. Wisconsin is a stunningly beautiful midwestern state. Full of wildlife, and trees, and lakes, and we saw a bear!


Life slows down in the north woods. The sun rises slower and the moon takes it’s sweet time to rise over the lake. Probably to give time for photos. Stone lake is the home of cranberry bogs, and neighboring town, Hayward, is the home of a real life, no joke, lumberjack fest. Sounds all very American doesn’t it?

While there we had great intentions of creating a cocktail and sipping on it while everyone else had wine and beer. We finally got around to the cocktail the last night of our stay, which was also the night I got the call that my aunt passed away. Our weekend was extended into the week as we drove to Kansas for the viewing.

My aunt was a strong independent women. She did so much for me over the years. My first trip leaving the state of Kansas was with her, my mom, and my brother and sister. She tolerated the three of us on that long drive to Washington and back making her a total saint in my mind. I lived with her my senior year in high school and caused a mild amount of trouble even then. I was not an easy person to love.

But these days I’m so proud to be sober. I’m proud of my kids who are having real and honest conversations with me about life and death. I’m proud of my work as a photographer and a entrepreneur. I’m proud of the relationships I’m developing, and I hope she is proud of me too.

This post was supposed to be about the north woods and cranberry cocktails. Life is full of twists and turns and so is this blog.

Cranberry Tonic

Cranberry Tonic-4

Nothing too fancy here.

Mix your cranberry juice, a splash of tonic for fizz. Garnish with lime and a sprig of pine needles. Yes, pine needles.

Speaking of pine needles, I had no idea there were so many health benefits to pine!

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