Day 292

Life has been busy, and I haven’t taken the time to come here and update, so here I am updating with not much to say.


Summer in the desert is pretty magical. Yes, it’s hot. We have an expected high of 120ºF today. I think of it like a snow day. You walk outside and it stops your breath from leaving your body in the same way the extreme cold does. It’s as if your own breath is all “oh hell no, I’m not going out there”. The biggest risk is entering your own car. Even with a sunshade everything in there is on fire! Leather seats are your worst nightmare especially if you are wearing a skirt. Believe me, I know from experience. Blisters on the backs of your thighs are no fun.


But hey, we have cool drinks and bathtub warm pools to cool off in and air conditioning.

Monsoon season has started so the storm clouds gathering over the mountains make for spectacular sunsets. Eventually those storms will make their way to the valley and we will have a magical lightning show.

That’s all I have for an update. My brain is on the attack, and I’m fighting some stress, anxiety and depression. I’m grateful for sobriety at this time as it is helping me not stab anyone. Sometimes that’s all we can hope for…no stabbings during the day.

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