Day 245

Have you seen Sliding Doors? No? Well, go watch it now, I’ll wait, because this next paragraph won’t make any sense if don’t. I needed my sliding doors moment. I needed my Gwyneth Paltrow power haircut. I needed change.

It’s been 8 months since I’ve had a drink. This is officially the longest I have been without a drink since I was 13 years old. No lie. Even pregnant I had a drink. My midwife said a bath and a beer, or glass of wine. will help with the braxton hicks contractions. I didn’t have a whole lot to drink while pregnant, but I did have one or two during that nine months. So I feel like this is a pretty significant moment and it deserves to be noted.

Noted. 8 months. Done!

Now for the change in hair. I needed something  drastically different than what I have been currently sporting. Which was basically a ponytail. Everyday the same ponytail, but always in a different spot, because my old stylist said I needed to move it so it wouldn’t break off the hair. When I was feeling sassy? It was up high. When I was feeling grounded? It went down low. So many ponytail options. Once in awhile I would really mix it up and do two braids. Look out world!

In the movie Gwyneth’s character gets her hair cut, starts her own business, and kicks some ass. I am having that phase. I am living and breathing that phase. Women on Adventures is growing! My job is good, and I still enjoy it for the most part, but I really don’t like working for the man. Honestly, I have no idea what that means. Does “the man” mean that you have a job with a man boss? Is it for the government? Anyway, it feels like change is in the air, and I wanted to feel it! Not only feel it, but I want a reminder of it. I want to see it every day when I looked in the mirror and now that I’m rocking it. Boom. Done.

I love my sassy new cut. It does make me feel like I have my shit together. Which I do! Finally! Thanks, Gwyneth for the Sliding doors inspiration.

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