Day 241

Whoa! Lookatme!

What a difference a year makes. Here I am baring my soul, aka under eye soul bags, to show to you the hazards of drinking as a woman of a certain age.

On the left, me after a night of 6 beers. Being a regular vodka drinker I thought switching to beer for the night would help me not get so drunk. :::insert eyeroll here:::: We camped on the Mogollon rim that night, which is quite lovely, btw. It was May of 2016. Exactly 4 months before I would quit drinking.

On the right, me yesterday after camping at Lake Patagonia. 7 months sober. I had a wild and crazy night with two fizzy waters. I woke up somewhat rested, sleeping on the ground is never super restful, and ready for coffee. I’m 20 pounds lighter, less puffy, less mood swingy, more energy, more fun.

Wait, what? More fun? Yes. Don’t you want to be friends with the girl on the right?

I’m shocked at the difference. Should I be shocked? No. I knew drinking was bad for me. DUH. Did I know not drinking would be so good for me? DUH.  I actually didn’t. I remember hearing that Brene Brown was sober and I was stunned. I wondered how she did it? How do you be so awesome and sober? Sober people aren’t awesome. I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that I really did think that. I’m sorry sober people. I think that’s the secret we (see how I became we?) sober people keep. It’s hip to be square and alla that. We can party and still get up and party again! No more long days wasted after a night of debauchery. We can debauchery and still cook up the bacon in the morning.

What I appreciated so much about this camping trip was that it wasn’t a whole day wasted sitting in my camp chair being wasted. Which I have done many times. I spent time on my SUP. I read my new book, You are a Badass at Making Money, and worked on some writing. I actually ate dinner instead of shoveling chips and bread in my face so I would be less hungover in the morning. Lies, I actually did shove chips in my face while sober. See image below. I only pee’d twice the whole night! It was awesome. The peeing part that is. Do you know how many times you have to pee when you drink six beers? 10! How is that even possible?


Camping sober is my new jam. Alright, everything sober is my new jam, but camping is particularly yummy. Are we still talking about jam? I like jam. I like camping too. Now to figure out how to sleep comfortably in a tent. We couldn’t take the roof top tent this go round since we were camping on our own private island. No, I wasn’t hanging out with Richard Branson, but if he ever calls on me for hanging out on islands, I’m pretty sure I can be available, and I’ve been working hard on my island hammock skills as you can see.


Now to wrap this post up so I can go to bed and get some real sleep. Thanks for reading and following along on this crazy sober train. It’s a good one to be on and I’m grateful for you.

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