Day 222

Remember that time I gave up drinking for my sanity?

It’s drinking weather here in Phoenix. Finally warm enough to lay by the pool, although the pool is too damn cold to get into, and nice enough to get to the lake and float.

We would do our best day drinking at this time of year, and in a way I have been missing that. I know, we are better, more productive, nicer people now but there is something I miss about having a cold cocktail on a perfectly warm day.

When I told that to Iz he asked if we were in the danger zone with the drinking or was I being nostalgic. I had to think about it. The urge to drink has been strong the last few days, but my will is stronger.

I have had a lot of extra pressure at work with deadlines and general business, and there has been some stress around family, then there is Women on Adventures which I have been a little unsteady with, but all of that is life, and I know it’s important to learn to handle that sober.

I’m not going to drink no matter how wonderful the weather. I like watching this number grow. 222 days. That’s a lot of days.

3 thoughts on “Day 222

  1. i totally know that feeling…here in Vegas we’re getting similar weather and I know exactly what you mean…hang in there…good for you both at 222 days!!! amazing!!! thanks for sharing, it’s encouraging to hear others working through sobriety too! ❤

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