Day 152


What does 150 days look like? Awesome. That’s what.

Two days ago I celebrated 150 days of sobriety with Iz. 150 days! Those are a lot of days my friends. On that day I hiked and brunched with WoA, got a yummy cupcake by Caketini and dirty chai from Press Coffee. I did some restorative yoga and basically was really good to myself. Which is probably what I should be more often.


It doesn’t seem like this is a 365 challenge anymore. It seems more like a lifestyle and one that I’m getting extremely comfortable with. We’ve talked a lot about if we will drink again after this is over. I don’t have an answer for that question yet.


I’ve thought a lot about if I would drink again when it’s over. It feels really good to be sober. I know I was on the problem drinking side so if I start again, I have to ask myself, and answer myself honestly, if I will slip back into the all day drinking habit again. It would be really easy to do. I don’t want to go back to that. I really like my life now.



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