Day 141

Do you believe in vision boards? I’m a die hard believer!

I made one last year and I’ve lost count of the things it helps inspire me to do. I don’t believe in the “magic” of them. I believe in the intention of them. Having a daily reminder to acheive what you want is a good thing. I am lucky enough to have a member in WoA who leads vision board workshops. Which is kind of like having a little guide in your pocket leading your on to your dream life. Okay, that sounded a little woo woo, but I’m serious!

These are some tips she gave us last weekend when I made this board:

  1. Don’t over think it!
  2. Harness your positive energy when working on your board.
  3. Go through magazines quickly. Cut first, edit later.
  4. Choose image that inspire you. They may not make sense when you cut them out but the clarity may come later.
  5. Keep your vision board where you can see it every day.

More things I love about vision boarding. This is a fun thing to do with my friends. Sitting and thinking about my future helps to create the path. It forces me to think about my decisions when I’m in the midst of making them. I really do think “is this part of my plan”, and make a decision accordingly.

I keep my vision board in my office and look at it daily. This year is all about self confidence and adventure.

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