Day 123

I may have glossed over the urge to drink on NYE. I can’t even tell you how many times I thought about going to the store to buy a bottle of vodka or thought about drinking a beer or whatever. It happened more times than I can count that day, but I stayed strong and didn’t drink. I think the fear of starting over and ruining the “day count” is stronger than the urge to drink.

I’ve decided to book a tour in India while I’m there this March. There have been too many warnings and doomsday responses to me going alone. Even friends from India have said I shouldn’t travel alone in India. Since I’m not a seasoned international solo traveler, I think it’s best to book something safe. It looks like I’ll still have 3 or 4 days at the end on my own, but by then I should be over my culture shock and ready to explore solo. I am thinking about booking a flight from New Delhi to Goa and spending a couple nights on the beach there. Airbnb has some fabulous deals and beautiful rentals.

I’m ordering my Lonely Planet phrasebook and India book right now. How much will it help? Who knows but it will make me feel better and it will be fun to learn some new phrases. I still can’t believe I’M GOING TO INDIA! I can’t even remember when I started dreaming about this trip. 15, maybe 20 years ago? Possibly even longer ago than that. I did have a pinterest board “India 2016” that I made two years ago, and I’m certain that I have changed the date on that. BUT I did it and officially changed it to India 2017 and my flight is booked.

So back to New Year’s and drinking. Part of what kept me sober was knowing that I committed to this year of no drinking. I can do 365 days. Anyone can do 365 days. Doing something like this is a testament to my strength. I am determined to be stronger than the urge to drink.

While NYE was a bit of a snore for me this year, I indulged in a few favorite foods and movies, I was happy to wake up feeling mostly good* and not wasting the entire first day of 2017.

*I may have had a bit of a sugar hangover from the Dr. Pepper and cookie dough. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 123

  1. I think it’s wise to follow your gut. Going with a group is good. Have you read Goa Freaks? I read it years ago but it’s always stuck with me. (I actually tried to get my friend to give me heroine but he wouldn’t do it. Thank god. I was young and stupid) It’s a huge party there, it kinda turned me off when I looked at it recently. However, I don’t know much about India.


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