Day 122

Last night I wrote a letter to the universe, and then promptly tore it up and wrote a list of things to do this year. I love a good list.

On my run a couple days ago I was listening to the Home podcast and they were reading their letters to the universe from 2015. I thought it was interesting and while I was sitting at home all alone on NYE I thought it might be a good idea to try one. I hated it. I understand the idea behind it, and that we should put our hopes and dreams out into the universe so they come back to us, but it felt a little too much like praying and wishing and hoping. I’m over that. I’ve done it all my life. I’m a real good wisher.

For 2017 I plan to be more methodical in my goal setting.

Getting sober was the biggest thing I have ever done in my entire life. It saved my life. I remember many nights where I woke up with my heart racing and sweaty face after almost finishing a bottle of vodka mixed with several red bulls. Too many to count. Getting sober gave me a chance to rebuild some relationships I have seemingly tried to destroy while drunk. People who have been very good to me who I either treated like shit or completely ignored. Not to mention my kids! Oh, the time I lost with them. But that chapter is closed, and I’m sober now, so there is no more putting things out into the universe for me. I am going to work my ass off to tick off items on the list I created to kick some mother loving 2017 ass.

My list. I think I’ll share somethings here with you all just to help hold me accountable. Having readers is way better than a universe! All 5 of you which includes my Mom (thanks for reading Mom!). A couple years ago back I wrote a 100 things in 1000 days or something like. Writing it down helped to set the intention to do it. I was checking things off that list without even looking at the list which was kind of cool. The biggest thing for me off the list was “help someone do something awesome”. Well, I kind of knocked that one out of the park with Women on Adventures.

Now remember, I did that shit without even looking at the list. I didn’t put plans in place to reach that goal. It just happened. This year I making a plan for everything on this list. I have a planner that I love, InnerGuide 2017 Planner, and am filling it out weekly and working on it daily. It’s working. This week I did every single thing on the list, right down to journaling daily to shooting a roll of film.

So here is the list I created last night.

  1. Travel more: India, Greece, and more
  2. Write a book about fears
  3. Get money under control
  4. Get a dream job doing photography
  5. Make money with WoA
  6. See my kids more: Trip?
  7. Better relationships (make more sober friends!)
  8. Stay sober
  9. Camp alone
  10. Learn to surf
  11. Be funny
  12. Write funny
  13. Inspire more people to do more awesome shit
  14. Figure my shit out
  15. Get married!
  16. Grow Women on Adventures
  17. Stay focused on my goals
  18. Use my planner daily
  19. Journal
  20. Develop my personal brand

That’s it. 20 things to do in 2017. We got this.

One thought on “Day 122

  1. I joined your women on adventures email. My friends are in India right now with their 3 little kids. I mean little, under the age of seven. It can’t be too scary. Their pictures and videos are beautiful. You are going to love it. I listened to that podcast too. I’ve written those types of letters in the past but I have no idea where they are now or what I ever said in them. Maybe I will write one today, just because I am all about intentions or a list or something. Happy New Year.


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