Day 80

Every time I type that day I’m blown away by how fast time has gone. So much has happened, and I really need to get back into the daily blogging habit. I know that it’s important to share all of the details of getting sober so that other people know that it is doable and life changing in the best possible way.

I have been working on getting physically healthy again. Training for a 15k race in December, hiking as much as possible, meditating, and started a Whole30 two weeks ago. I’m down 10 pounds and beginning to feel so much stronger mentally and physically.


Yesterday Women on Adventures joined Arizona Outdoor Women for an ass kicking hike to the top of Picacho Peak located between Casa Grande and Tucson. I have driven by this peak many times, and knew I would climb it someday. Did I know how hard it would be? No! Hell to the no! It was brutal for my still trying to get strong body. 4 miles with over 1400 feet of elevation change. My phones fitness tracker said 126 floors. My thighs tell me it must have been more like 300000 floors.

This was a challenge. There were many places with cables to help you up and down making for Untitledextremely sore shoulders today. I stupidly did a google image search the night before the hike. The images looked death defying. I worked myself up into not believing I could do it. I gave myself room to back out at any point if I felt I couldn’t continue. I knew I wouldn’t back out. I’m a stubborn son of a bitch when I need to be. I mean. I gave up booze after all. If I can do that, I can hike a damn mountain.

So we drove the 1.25 hours south of phoenix to the peak. It is a cool mountain that towers over I-10. You can see it from miles away in both directions, north or south.

We parked, put on our boots, grabbed our backpacks, took a deep breath (that was me), and took off up the hill. It was steep so up we went. And up. And up.

You have to hike up one side of the mountain and go over the saddle to the other. That’s when all of the cables begin. You make a steep descent with cables guiding you down, and then it’s back up again. All the way to the peak. It wasn’t as scary as I imagined. It’s a ball buster full of little boy scouts and big boy scouts. So many boy scouts which made me wonder where are all the girl scouts. We had a 12 year old in our group. Why are the girl scouts not doing this? I swear, one day Women on Adventures will have a Girls on Adventures off shoot. Girls want to adventure too. Why shouldn’t they be hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, and anything else we do at WoA.


I am so proud of this brave group of women and every woman who does something with Women on Adventures. We are constantly challenging our comfort zones and supporting each other through every adventure. We are strong together and that goes with sobriety.

I am stronger sober because of those who support me. My parents. who have been so supportive with calls and text messages of love. My kids. who have told me how proud they are of me. My fiance, who is staying sober with me. My friends, who I am learning are there for all the right reasons.

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