Day 49, 50, & 51


The valley of the sun glows pinks and yellows at 6am. On my 50th day of sobriety I met a friend to hike a small section of Camelback Mountain. There is no easy section of this mountain in the middle of the city. As we started up the trail I questioned my ability to make good decisions early in the morning. Who agrees to a difficult hike at 6am? This crazy sober lady apparently.


I was grateful for the good company through the grueling hike. She may have been doubting her ability to make good decisions. The two cups of coffee I had prior to starting up that mountain had me chatting my new friend up. Next time I’ll have one cup of coffee and let her do some of the talking. I also promised to show up two days a week allowing her some quiet meditation time on the other three. For her the hike is her time alone with her thoughts. I get that. Running is the same for me. My preference is to run alone to work out any problems I’m having. It’s my time. Her hike is her time.

Despite the challenge of the early morning on Camelback, I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to doing it again soon.


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